Replace Passwords in an Afternoon Using Biometric MFA

Hosted by Chris Dickson & Dave Duncan


Remote users are an active cybersecurity risk. Passwords were already a struggle to manage before we all had to move to remote work. Now, with IT unable to physically see or touch user devices, the ability to remotely mitigate security risks is more important than ever.

One of the simplest ways to prevent passwords from being phished, stolen, or guessed is to simply remove them from the equation. Replacing logins with biometric MFA makes accessing key business systems as easy as unlocking your cell phone.

Many IT teams feel this is easier said than done - but they’re wrong.

Join us for a guided demonstration on how to deploy biometric MFA in place of passwords in your Active Directory managed access system. Learn more about why on-device biometrics are inadequate for high-risk use cases, and how frictionless GoVerifyID is for your end user.

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