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What's better than passwords or 2FA?

replacing passwords with Biometrics.

Biometric multifactor authentication makes logging in to any system or software as easy as unlocking a cell phone. However, most MFA solutions only offer a single biometric modality, or are lacking in liveness detection or anti-spoofing. 

Two-factor authentication is already recognized as inadequate for security needs - it's easily bypassed, easy to social engineer, and inconvenient for your users. 

GoVerifyID: multiple modalities, frictionless experience for the end user, and easy enough to install and deploy in a 30 minute webinar.

Join us at 11 am PT on August 5th for our live webinar where we'll show you just how easy it is to install, configure, and deploy our Active Directory plugin to your environment. 

Easily enable role-based access management and offer your users adaptive MFA access to sensitive business systems. GoVerifyID makes it easy to simply add your existing Active Directory users and configure them from a central dashboard. 

Your end users get a frictionless experience, no harder than using FaceID or Windows Hello - but your business is secured with iBeta certified anti-spoofing technology for facial authentication. 

When you need improved access security, GoVerifyID makes it easy to upgrade. See for yourself in our live webinar!  Enter your information on the right to register, and we'll see you on August 5th!